Wakayama, Japan

It had been a while since I wrote…
I will tell you a hundred excuses but the real reason is that I’m to Lazy hahaha.. Forgive me for that tho ^^

In Japan, there are a lot of three days in row holidays or 1 week long holiday..
So, it always attempted me to go for travel hahaha

Okay,  recently I went to Wakayama Perf. in Japan.
It wasn’t a so popular place, but it turn out that it have so much beautiful scenery πŸ˜€

Sirarahama Beach
I went here twice in a row!! First, I went to see a firework festival. Even it just 2000 firework, but I can bear with it lol
And the other day, I went to play in the beach and went to fish market.
I was so satisfied with this Tore Tore fish market. You Must go there for sure!! πŸ™‚


My impressions:
– Clean Beach
– Beautiful White bright sand
– Quite Long Beach
– and it so SAFE!!
I always impressed with the safety in Japan, but it was really incredible. β˜€

Nachi Waterfall
It said that this waterfall is a world heritage and it so tall (about 130 m) haha
I always love nature so much, so being there was a great pleasure to me ^^


My impressions:
– It was not hard at all to climb to Pagoda and than go down to the bottom waterfall
– It so Clean
– So many Food haha

Nanki Kumano Geopark
I was so sleepy when we got here, but after I went to the tip of the border, I was so excited and want to swim badly hahaha
This geopark is a igneous rock that carried by Tsunami. There are a lot of clams and fish and so and so πŸ’ƒ


My advice:
– Go to second floor  to get a great picture
– Tie your hair, bcz the wind was so strong
– Use Sandal!!

I think, I need to make it short so anyone want to read this hahaha..
This all for my journey the other day..
I hope I can share another story again soon ^^

Ps. Do not reproduce or use this pictures without permission please.



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