Going to Mt. Fuji, Japan

I went to Mt. Fuji this August (2016, 12th August) from Yoshida Trail at 5th Station

The reason is simple, “I want to feel that ‘feeling’ again” lol
I went there to see the sunrise, so I share this to everyone who want to see the sunrise.
Okay, I won’t talk about me anymore. Let’s get to the point! ^o^

The Preparations
Because Mt.Fuji is one of the popular tourism site in Japan,  they made it as comfortable as it can be to climb this mountain. So you don’t need to bring a whole world with you (my experience T_T), you just need:
Backpack (25l is more than enough)
a cloth (if you want to change)
Flash light (they said it will be good to use headlight, but I just used flash light -because it cheaper-lol)
Rain coat (sometimes, the weather change so rapidly)
–  Water (1 l is more than enough, because they sell water in every station)
– Food (just in case you’re hungry on the way, and they also sell it in every station)
– Oxygen (some people suffocated, so just in case)
– Wear a warm cloth because even it was summer, up there is always winter – you know what I’m saying –
– Running shoes or hiking shoes is okay. I love Hiking-running shoes from Solomon by the way (>_<) so I can run when I get down lol
– climb stick (you can buy a portable one or wooden stick because you can get stamp in every station and make it as your souvenir ^^) ~ you maybe not need this, but if you climb in peak season and you have to wait to climb, I suggest you to bring it with you (my experience)

– There are a lot of guide to climb this mountain, you can also use the service. (just google it)
– Bus route from your place to the starting point and make a reservation.
or you can use the local bus at Fujisan St. with destination “Fuji Subaru line 5t station – 富士スバルライン五合目”. You don’t have to make a reservation for this, but you have to get in line to wait and in Peak season, I suggest you to wait 30 minutes before departure time to get a sit. <– It cost 2,100 yen (round trip) or 1,580 yen (one way)
Mountain Hut
I suggest you to make a reservation a month ahead to get the hut that you want.
I stayed at Hakuunsho (白雲荘). It located at 8th station.  <– 8,800 yen (include dinner and breakfast).
Because you can’t camp in here, you need to reserve hut if you don’t want to stay night outside the cold mountain. or because in peak season, huts are always fully booked, you need to bring sleeping bag if you want to sleep outside the hut.


(a) Kawaguchiko Station, you have to go to Bus stop No. 7 and buy a ticket;; (b) Fuji Subaru Line 5th Station, There are a lot of food and souvenir here (I mean, you can climb from here!)

Ready to GO!
I want to get a sleep before went to see the sunrise, so I decided to climb at max from 3 pm. From my home to Fuji subaru line, it took around 3,5 hours because I was looking for the cheapest routes Lol.
My route : Home (Kanagawa pref.) – Kawaguchiko St. – Fuji Subaru line 5th Station (around 7,200 yen for round trip)
It is free to climb Mt. Fuji, but I recommended you to pay for donation 1000 yen to help them make it better and better ^^
The last, Just get going with map in your pocket and be safe!

Mt Fuji

(c) look how crowded it was! T_T ;; (d) My mountain hut and we sleep side by side with other people too tho;; (e) it said that this is the summit of Mt. fuji!

My reviews
Everything I write, it based on “Peak Season”, ><
– Climb from 2 pm and rest at hut, and climb again from 12am to see the sunrise from the top!
– From 7th to 8th station, you can’t  descending in the half way because the route is narrow and it was too dangerous. you need to go to 8th station at least to descending route or go to summit to descent.
– It was easy from 5th station to 7th station, but It was getting harder and harder to go to 9th station.
– Because it was so crowded, I have to wait to climb and my backpack was freaking heavy! Maybe, if you want to climb, just avoid August 11st – 16th okay?! (>o<)
– I brought so many things because I was afraid something will happen to me, but it was a useless feeling. It was still dangerous, but it was not as dangerous as in Indonesia LoL and so many people climb that day, you’ll be fine! also, they have emergency hut, mountain hut, etc. But still, prepare for the worst, Okay!
– You have to use toilet if you want to ‘do’ your things (ups), because it prohibit to ‘do’ it in public. it cost 200 yen in mountain hut and 300 yen in summit.
From my experience, because it took double time to climb, so I suggest you to use toilet at least at main 8th station (本八合目), the last rest room before the summit. I run from 9th station to summit just because I need to go to rest room LoL
– Before you go home, get relax and clean yourself at hot spring. You can go to Fujisan St. and use Taxi or walk to Fuji-Sensui (everyone go to Fujiyama onsen, but I prefer this place ^^)
Station –> Fuji Sensui By taxi cost 910 yen or 15 minutes by walk
Hot spring entrance fee : Adult 800 yen (+300 yen for rent towels)


 I will never forget this adventure! I came for sunrise, but I got courage, energy, and happiness here ^^. Even though it was tough, It’s worth it!

Last, please do not Littering!!
I hate seeing it, even it was just a few amount if it compared to the number of people there, but littering is not prohibit in anywhere! you are an adult!
And you know, when I arrived at 5th station again in the next day, there are a bunch of volunteers who climb mt. Fuji just to clean the mountain and most of they are old people (around 50-60 years old), so please respect them!

Ps. Please forgive me for my ‘unperfect’ English (@.@)

By: Queen-Bee


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