Bontang Kuala, Bontang

Address: Bontang Kuala village, Bontang, East Borneo, Indonesia

I wanna share about my hometown. I really really love this city although maybe many people disagree with me.. hihihihi..
This time I want to write about good place for hanging out if we come to Bontang. If you come to Bontang just for work, maybe this place will be the best destination for you. hahaha
I don’t mean whole Bontang Kuala is great, but when we come to the end of this housing, we can enjoy so many thing (a little bit absurd) LoL


(My best friend -Ulfa- and main gate of Bontang Kuala)

What’s Bontang Kuala?
Bontang kuala is housing above a sea, they build house not in ground but in sea. Land and sea here are bounded by marsh, so that house are made by stage or it called “Rumah Panggung” with ironwoods as foundation. Maybe you think this place isn’t modern and not cool, but this place is very nice to enjoy the scenery and relax with our relative.

What we have here?
This place is around by food and drink stand. They sell snack, light meal and juice or coffee. Why they just sell snack? because like I said before, this place is good for hanging out not to having diner (o^o^o). But, some place in here also sell heavy meal for diner (if you want), but that meal can’t we bring to outside while enjoy the scenery.

Crowded Time??
Hhhmmm, actually, this place open all the time. However, if we want to see a lot people from all over Bontang, so you have to come in the afternoon around 4pm until night (off course) LoL. Specially in Sunday, many parent and family come here in the morning, just to see the sun rise or feel the morning air. Maybe even in the afternoon (everyday), people come here with their child and their family just to relax from every kind of job that they had done. ^_^


(example, if you want to go alone and think about your problem hahaha)

There’s no special thing in this place if you ask me for sure. Maybe I just can say, ‘this place is very reassuring’ and when I feel so bored or tired, I just come here to have some snack and milk. Specially with my friends, because they always make me smile even if I just listen they’re talking 😀

Sometime I see so many people come here with many reason. Some of them just frolic with their friend and (even) swim in to the sea without any life jacket. Some of them come alone and just sit in their motorcycle. Some of them are fishing even there’s no good fish in there. And some of them teach their child to walk there. Also, there’s always who come for dating (T-T) hahaha

This place is so Lovable.
You have to come here when you visit Bontang ^o^

This is the first time I write in English.. So, I’m sorry if it’s not good enough ^^

Queen-Bee (2012)


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